20 recent articles about SMS Marketing


Mainly, I am making this as my own resource as people constantly ask me questions about this and that. But I feel other’s need to see the amount of content coming out by independent news sources at this time!

  1. Using Text to Boost Holiday Sales for Your Small Business
  2. Mashable: 11 consumer trends that will change the way you do business in the next 5 years
  3. Quick, easy and cost-effective: how SMS marketing is cutting through the clutter
  4. Take Autumn By Storm with SMS Marketing
  5. Is your business’s SMS marketing program hitting its target?
  6. Forget Spotify – Musicians Turn To Email Marketing For Revenue
  7. Five Big Fat Lies About SMS Marketing That You Probably Believe
  8. Is your marketing toolkit missing SMS?
  9. Column: Why SMS Marketing is crucial for your business
  10. The Observer The humble text message: Perfectly designed for mobile marketing
  11. SocialTimes The Big Marketing Opportunity in Mobile Messaging (Infographic)
  12. The Role Of SMS In Digital Marketing
  13. Digital Journal Grow Your Retail Business with these 10 Text Messaging Service Best Practices
  14. What every business needs to know about SMS short codes
  15. PR Web (press release) Slicktext.com Releases SMS Marketing Compliance Guide
  16. 45 Texting Statistics That Prove Businesses Need to Take SMS Seriously
  17. The Key to a Successful Texting Program Is You
  18. Is SMS the Future for New Business Marketers?
  19. Give Life to Your SMS Marketing Strategy
  20. 100 Examples of Brands Using Text Message Marketing

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