Top 5 Fears Restaurant Owners Have about Text Marketing:DEBUNKED

1. They are afraid “customers won’t want text updates”. (They opt in for them from their phone and give permission. They can opt out any time simply by texting the word “stop”)
2. “What if they all opt out?” (With the correct campaign strategy and implementation less than 5% opt out as an industry average)
3. “I already have email lists, why should I start over” (Email open rate is 20% text is 98%… Do the math) If you have an email list of 2000, but only 20% open rate, you really have an email list of 400 which you can build a text club of in one month, in come cases, one week!)
4. “I invest in social media.”(It is impossible to reach all of your fans at once in minutes like text. Organic social reach is time consuming and reaches 10-20%)
5. “It’s probably too expensive.”(Expensive is paying for and investing time in tools that don’t work and don’t directly result in trackable sales!) Is the cost of one cup of coffee a day too expensive to have a direct line of communication w
ith your hungriest fans no matter what social ap they use? Check out more info on my page here:) Sentext Solutions Northeast. Let’s meet and talk about your 2016 mobile marketing strategy!

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