Considering Text Marketing?


When I approach a business about this tool…

They are immediately skeptical for the most part. They are mostly afraid I am just trying to sell advertising. I don’t. To me, advertising is paying to reach someone else’s audience. With this tool, you are building your own audience that you can reach time and time again. To me it is the ultimate power tool to reach your audience and have complete control doing so! If you implement text marketing in your current media assets, you will be capturing customers mobile numbers that they are opting in for voluntarily!

When you have thousands you can reach by text one or 2 times per week in minutes with a time sensitive  VIP offer, won’t that save you, on your “advertising” budget down the road? You can link to any social, website, video that you want. It is so dynamic in such a simplistic way.

What is surprising, is that when I ask business owners if they currently get text messages from any businesses, 90% of them do! Whether it is from a big brand store, their bank/credit card, doctor or car dealership…  they are already using it. So why wouldn’t their customers?  Please visit my business website to learn more about how this can work for your business.

When choosing a service to use, if a rep reaches out to you in person, go ahead and ask them about pricing, value of services, and how many messages you can send without added fees. If you are searching online, be very cautious. I believe you need a personal consultant with one on one time to help you with this to ensure success. You need a human being that can brainstorm and give you the very best ways to be successful soonest!

You would be surprised on how inexpensive it is. The platform I provide for instance has flexible pricing, but 98% of my customers choose an unlimited plan for $99.00 a month. You can utilize up to 20,000 messages per month, with unlimited artwork design, keywords, and get a personal local consultant. I did a cost comparison with some of the companies you pull up first on google, and this is what I found with what was available online.


When considering what you pay for direct mail, social media, digital and print… you can start not building your list with some creative incentives and start saving on your media spend a lot sooner.

Shannon Panaro

Marketing Textpert





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