How to get free text marketing for life!

planetYour customers are already getting texts from businesses. Why not yours?

Just ask my 17 year old daughter, or the suburban professional women you know, and even men who like tools. Chipotle, Lord & Taylor all the way to Harbor Freight Tools. If you need to reach your customers instantly, away from the drama of social media and want to provide them some easy VIP love, read on!

The top five reasons why consumers opt in to a brand’s text messages are:

– coupons or deals (77%)

– personal alerts (50%)

– being in the loop (48%)

– more meaningful content (33%)

– no need to visit a physical location/website/app for information (31%).

74% of respondents report an improved overall impression of businesses that interact with them via text messaging.

MY FAVORITE: Only 17% of respondents consider SMS messages sent by companies to be intrusive. This figure is significantly higher among those who are not opted in to receive texts from a brand, with 52% saying they’re disruptive. We only provide opt-in texting:)

Customers also stated that SMS services helped them to ‘feel like they are cared about’ and ‘feel in control’ of the services they received. (source)

Proof Customers Love this on a Local Level!

This merchant who I have worked with for 2 years just has an amazing story.

I reminded them to send out a picture of their heart shaped pizza, they sent it out at 2:00 on Valentines Day.

this is what they sent:

They offered NO DISCOUNT. Sold out of dough at 8:00. I know, as my daughter works there, and said it was crazy! She said according to her bewildered Manager, it was dead on Valentine’s day last year! So I chided the owner:)

This is one of many reasons why how your customers will love this!!! It is worth every penny of $3.00 per day. with the new freer4life program only available through Sentext Solutions, You actually can reduce your monthly investment by 25% with just 1 referral, and 25% each for the next 3! Yes you can get this awesome tool for free with the new free4LIFE promotion! Click here to see how it works!You will see live local customers success stories and examples!!!

Shannon Panaro

Regional Partner, National Sales Development


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