It’s hard to keep up with all the promotional holidays!

Here is my number one tool to keep my clients engaging with their customers and not miss promotional opportunities to send them a text message!  Just click on the calendar above and follow the instructions in the article. You will have a ready calendar on your mobile or desktop calendar every day!  Here are some awesome examples of fun messages you can send to your customers resulting in extra visits.


Still think your customers may not like text messages? Let me ask you a question, would you rather text two words in and get personal VIP messages from your favorite business a few times per month, or download an app, write down your email address, or fill out some form to get a card that will get lost? Text messages are the #1 preferred way to communicate for customers. The sooner you start building your list, the sooner you will get improved sales and visits! I recently asked my social following if they would like text offers from their favorite businesses. Here is what I found, they enthusiastically wanted them!! Not sure if your customers will? Simply ask them via social media! Maybe your restaurant was even mentioned here! It is very simple. The reason I offer it to businesses is it is the MOST affordable way to instantly reach the MOST customers for businesses. EVERYONE texts! 15 years of media I can sell anything and this is what I choose. It is simply the best.


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