What Does Express Written Consent Mean?

If you are a business owner or marketer,  here is a great video to help you understand the legal ways for customers to OPT in to text messages from businesses.

Just because you have phone numbers from your customers does not mean you have express written consent for you to send them text messages and be autodialed.

Put yourself in your client’s shoes. What if every business who has your phone number started texting you! Make sure you are not violating Federal Compliance, wasting your investment,  and setting yourself up for a lawsuit!

Seek out companies who are 100% compliant.  Some companies will say they can upload lists, but eventually,  you will get caught. It is very easy to grow a massive list from your raving fans! Find an expert and work with them on a Mobile Strategy, that s safe and works!

Tatango is an industry thought leader for Text Marketing.  https://youtu.be/Dob9vzZRxL4