5 Reasons You Should be Starting SMS Marketing This Holiday Season!


Considering that the new iphone X is $1000 and people are gobbling it up or have plans to as soon as they are eligible for an upgrade, as a business owner it is really time to consider the best way to reach customers per their mobile device.

If just one customer is willing to spend that amount on this device, (It is more than an actual 50 inch HD smart TV), shouldn’t businesses be turning to a mobile first focus on their marketing?  Let’s dig into this for just a minute.

First, make sure you have a mobile responsive website. Look up your website on your own phone. Google is ranking depending on this alone! If you have to scroll left and right to see your website on your phone,  it is definitely time to upgrade. Next, if you can’t tap to call your business you are annoying anyone who wants to reach out to you, trust me.  Thirdly, if you are not responding to your reviews and also have your listing on all 300 major listing websites, you are definitely going to come in last when people search on your phone for your services and products. These things alone define a great mobile user experience and that is what Google is looking for. 

So, how do you reach customers and prospects on mobile after they have found you and  maybe even have been to your business? You need a good follow up strategy. That is where SMS Text  Marketing comes in.  The most widely used app on any smartphone is the text messaging app. It is universal.  Look at your phone right now and see how many unopened emails you have. Next look at how many unopened text messages. If your phone is sitting in front of you during a business meeting, and of course you have it on silent, a text message pops up on your phone, it is now an involuntary reflex to look at the message. That is probably why Forbes says text messages have a 99% read rate.

Why should you use it for your business and start this holiday season?

  1. Setup is instant. You can really sign up for a  bulk sms texting program and start in 2-3 days by using signage, web and social promotion,  along with a strong call to action.  For example:   “Text to win an iPhone X”, (Can you imagine the signups you would get?) “Text to win a $100 Gift Card” , or “Join our Mobile VIP club and get 50% Off One Item”.  Any of these will work and when you are busy with Black Friday traffic and Small Business and Cyber Saturday, signage, website and social promotion of this will give you a big bang up of signups! Got lines?Give them something to do and sign up as they are probably on their phone anyway.
  2. Instant and affordable Loyalty Program.  now  you have a list to remarket to with 99% instant reach in minutes. I dare you to tell me what is better than that? no pints cards, apps to download. Simple.
  3.  Boost your slow times.  Now you have a way to send out an instant incentive with any limitations you want instantly. You can immediately send messages throughout the shopping and dining season. When things slow down you can create your own “VIP Only Flash Sale” and you will get a higher response rate than email or social  where people may not see it for days.
  4. Make your customers feel you! Sending them thanks and praise, and making them feel special with a simple text, add a link or image to dress it up. This results in brand loyalty, and there is no downside to that.
  5. You can boost reviews and social reach, just insert a link and ask! Review sites cannot detect this and you will get a great boost in rankings in return!

Any questions?  Contact me here:

Shannon Panaro

Mobile Marketing Maven


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