Text Marketing for Franchises

Pretty brunette sending a text

There is no doubt about it. Text Messaging is the #1 fastest way to reach your customers with the most instant impact. If you can reach your customers instantly, where they look on average over 150 times per day, on the face of their mobile phone, why wouldn’t you?

As a Franchisee, your Corporate could be way behind the curve on this technology and you could be missing out until they catch up. If you have the autonomy to market locally, this may be the glorious answer you have been looking for.

Are they still pushing an app? Do you have local control over the incentives pushed out? Do they speak to your local community with your own local language? There is one universal app already on everyone’s phone, the texting app. No one deletes it. Many articles in the past few years quote that 70-90 percent of apps are deleted after just one use. Storage, bugs, impatience are all reasons for this. Everyone already knows how to text. It is natural and succinct.

With texts having a 98% read rate, you really have no choice but to investigate as a business owner. There is no other media available that has that astounding percentage.

Compare this to the recently reported 10% social reach and 20% email in multiple resources. It is a no-brainer.

If you want, try out Text Marketing in just 1 location and move to your other locations once you have achieved results you are happy with. It does take time to get new subscribers, but once you have them, you can reach them again and again with enticing offers and announcements. There are a couple main ways to gather subscribers, and the best being a Keyword Campaign that people can simply text into from wherever they see it. This is why kiosk, POS or type in programs have a huge short coming. How does one join your text club from an advertisement in their local newspaper or mailer? Not to mention the clunky equipment that may take up space and use your business wireless data.

You can also utilize Keywords just like Promo Codes to build lists for individual locations and media campaigns. For instance, you can have a separate keyword per location to track participation by customers and promoting by staff. You can also use a particular keyword for each advertising campaign you do, so you can track how that media performs. For instance “Text PIZZA to 11111 to get free small fries today!” (example). This would be displayed on signage, digital menus, handouts, table tents, window clings etc. You would also have this campaign on your local media.

The Key Part is to persistently and consistently build your list as quickly as possible.  you can start sending messages right away, your customers will be surprised and delighted and tell their friends to join. You can add links to anything, social media, videos, online ordering, delivery services, your website etc. It is best to have your customers invited at point of purchase each and every time. Make it part of your employees required job to ask them simply, “Have you joined our VIP Mobile club yet?”

Send out fun short messages with offers and events 1-2 times per week  and keep them consistent. Customers see the text, and bring them to your business just like a mobile coupon. You can track these offers with your POS system. Keep your redemption periods short. You can easily send 1-2 messages with up to 140 characters in each. The right platform will ensure you are TCPA compliant and allow customers to opt out with each message.

If your Corporate is using this already, consider if you would like a local consultant to help you have your own control. Sentext Solutions is a company already working with Major franchises but gives you a dedicated Rep locally or Senior Rep remotely if you wish. This way you have a dedicated go to person to help you launch and optimize your results. If you use a marketing agency, and this has not been offered to you yet, do not be afraid to work with a text marketing rep separately and have them consult on how your marketing agency can help. Chances are your marketing agency is not up to speed on this, and may not feel comfortable with it. It is an inexpensive platform, so also may not be attractive to them if they are paid commission on media buys. If they are on board and looking to get you the best results possible, they can be an invaluable asset on how to best leverage this tool.

Here are some added benefits, you can send surveys, ask for reviews, have a birthday club, text 2 win, send reminders, pre-schedule messages, recurring broadcasts and link to anything digital. One thing is for sure, the sooner you start, the sooner your list will be built and you can start reaching your customers instantly.

Shannon Panaro, Regional Partner
Sentext Solutions