What Does Express Written Consent Mean?

If you are a business owner or marketer,  here is a great video to help you understand the legal ways for customers to OPT in to text messages from businesses.

Just because you have phone numbers from your customers does not mean you have express written consent for you to send them text messages and be autodialed.

Put yourself in your client’s shoes. What if every business who has your phone number started texting you! Make sure you are not violating Federal Compliance, wasting your investment,  and setting yourself up for a lawsuit!

Seek out companies who are 100% compliant.  Some companies will say they can upload lists, but eventually,  you will get caught. It is very easy to grow a massive list from your raving fans! Find an expert and work with them on a Mobile Strategy, that s safe and works!

Tatango is an industry thought leader for Text Marketing.  https://youtu.be/Dob9vzZRxL4


It’s hard to keep up with all the promotional holidays!

Here is my number one tool to keep my clients engaging with their customers and not miss promotional opportunities to send them a text message!  Just click on the calendar above and follow the instructions in the article. You will have a ready calendar on your mobile or desktop calendar every day!  Here are some awesome examples of fun messages you can send to your customers resulting in extra visits.


Still think your customers may not like text messages? Let me ask you a question, would you rather text two words in and get personal VIP messages from your favorite business a few times per month, or download an app, write down your email address, or fill out some form to get a card that will get lost? Text messages are the #1 preferred way to communicate for customers. The sooner you start building your list, the sooner you will get improved sales and visits! I recently asked my social following if they would like text offers from their favorite businesses. Here is what I found, they enthusiastically wanted them!! Not sure if your customers will? Simply ask them via social media! Maybe your restaurant was even mentioned here! It is very simple. The reason I offer it to businesses is it is the MOST affordable way to instantly reach the MOST customers for businesses. EVERYONE texts! 15 years of media I can sell anything and this is what I choose. It is simply the best.


Restaurant Week… Getting them back

Buffalo, NY has been named America’s Favorite City  in 2016 according to Travel and Leisure Magazine. A large part of this theory is the resurgence of restaurants that has happened over the last few years. Just a search for restaurants on Yelp near Buffalo turns up over 3411 results. According to Neilson, Buffalo, NY has a DMA of 585,350. Population according to New Census Bureau  estimates,  the population of the Buffalo metro area, which includes Erie and Niagara counties, is 1,135,230 as of last July 1. How do each of those 3411 restaurants, reach the people in their city and get them in the door?

This week is Restaurant week in Buffalo, NY. 218 local restaurants are feverishly participating to attract new customers and show their stuff. They all feature a fixed menu at a few different price points and are listed by area on the local restaurant week website. It is estimated that there is an 8 million dollar impact on the local economy during that week. That is incredible!

But what about after that?

The most efficient way to reach these customers again is by offering them the option to get VIP text alerts. The customers opt in by text message after being invited by the server taking their food order and a  small tasteful handout with the info. Everyone at the table joins in return for an enter to win or money off now incentive. They text a vanity keyword for the particular business to a shortcode, which enters them instantly into a database, from which the owner has a dashboard and can send them out on the spot offers, events, birthday/anniversary offers directly by text. the customer can opt out any time, simply by replying stop. But they won’t, if they love that business.

Why haven’t ALL restaurants implemented this as their main mobile marketing strategy?

  1. They don’t know how easy and inexpensive it is.
  2. They think customers won’t sign up.
  3. They rely too heavily on social media likes and views, which don’t necessarily convert to sales.

Not only can they retain more regular customers this way and reward them for their loyalty and extra visits bringing friends, they can use this method in all of their media assets. For example, all current outbound  advertising to capture new mobile subscribers, saving the need to spend on advertising as much down the road.

“Customer acquisition cost is anywhere from 5 to 25 times more than retaining an existing one. The study also states that the customer retention rate can increase profits by 25-95%. Another statistic indicates the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70% as compared to the probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20%.” The  Restaurant Times

Just capturing 10%  of that 8 million dollar impact can result in millions over the rest of the year. $800,000 times just 2 visits is  $1.6 million. How many of those restaurants used text marketing. Maybe 5 that I could find.

So, if you are a restaurant owner, it’s to late to get started with this now for Local  Restaurant Week, but imagine if you can start as soon as in two weeks capturing each and every customer who enters your doorway, attends your food festival, receives your takeout and catering? Even if you only capture 10% the stats above greatly increase your chance of securing loyalty, visits and your customers bringing their friends back to your business again and again.

This is the results of signups of just one local Buffalo client the last three months. They are blowing away their organic facebook reach of 10% already.


For more information on pricing and how it works, click here and get educated about the easiest way, the #1 fastest way on the planet to reach customers and get more visits.

Shannon Panaro

Regional Partner, National Sales Development


How to get free text marketing for life!

planetYour customers are already getting texts from businesses. Why not yours?

Just ask my 17 year old daughter, or the suburban professional women you know, and even men who like tools. Chipotle, Lord & Taylor all the way to Harbor Freight Tools. If you need to reach your customers instantly, away from the drama of social media and want to provide them some easy VIP love, read on!

The top five reasons why consumers opt in to a brand’s text messages are:

– coupons or deals (77%)

– personal alerts (50%)

– being in the loop (48%)

– more meaningful content (33%)

– no need to visit a physical location/website/app for information (31%).

74% of respondents report an improved overall impression of businesses that interact with them via text messaging.

MY FAVORITE: Only 17% of respondents consider SMS messages sent by companies to be intrusive. This figure is significantly higher among those who are not opted in to receive texts from a brand, with 52% saying they’re disruptive. We only provide opt-in texting:)

Customers also stated that SMS services helped them to ‘feel like they are cared about’ and ‘feel in control’ of the services they received. (source)

Proof Customers Love this on a Local Level!

This merchant who I have worked with for 2 years just has an amazing story.

I reminded them to send out a picture of their heart shaped pizza, they sent it out at 2:00 on Valentines Day.

this is what they sent:

They offered NO DISCOUNT. Sold out of dough at 8:00. I know, as my daughter works there, and said it was crazy! She said according to her bewildered Manager, it was dead on Valentine’s day last year! So I chided the owner:)

This is one of many reasons why how your customers will love this!!! It is worth every penny of $3.00 per day. with the new freer4life program only available through Sentext Solutions, You actually can reduce your monthly investment by 25% with just 1 referral, and 25% each for the next 3! Yes you can get this awesome tool for free with the new free4LIFE promotion! Click here to see how it works!You will see live local customers success stories and examples!!!

Shannon Panaro

Regional Partner, National Sales Development



Considering Text Marketing?


When I approach a business about this tool…

They are immediately skeptical for the most part. They are mostly afraid I am just trying to sell advertising. I don’t. To me, advertising is paying to reach someone else’s audience. With this tool, you are building your own audience that you can reach time and time again. To me it is the ultimate power tool to reach your audience and have complete control doing so! If you implement text marketing in your current media assets, you will be capturing customers mobile numbers that they are opting in for voluntarily!

When you have thousands you can reach by text one or 2 times per week in minutes with a time sensitive  VIP offer, won’t that save you, on your “advertising” budget down the road? You can link to any social, website, video that you want. It is so dynamic in such a simplistic way.

What is surprising, is that when I ask business owners if they currently get text messages from any businesses, 90% of them do! Whether it is from a big brand store, their bank/credit card, doctor or car dealership…  they are already using it. So why wouldn’t their customers?  Please visit my business website to learn more about how this can work for your business. sentextsolutions.com

When choosing a service to use, if a rep reaches out to you in person, go ahead and ask them about pricing, value of services, and how many messages you can send without added fees. If you are searching online, be very cautious. I believe you need a personal consultant with one on one time to help you with this to ensure success. You need a human being that can brainstorm and give you the very best ways to be successful soonest!

You would be surprised on how inexpensive it is. The platform I provide for instance has flexible pricing, but 98% of my customers choose an unlimited plan for $99.00 a month. You can utilize up to 20,000 messages per month, with unlimited artwork design, keywords, and get a personal local consultant. I did a cost comparison with some of the companies you pull up first on google, and this is what I found with what was available online.


When considering what you pay for direct mail, social media, digital and print… you can start not building your list with some creative incentives and start saving on your media spend a lot sooner.

Shannon Panaro

Marketing Textpert





Top 5 Fears Restaurant Owners Have about Text Marketing:DEBUNKED

1. They are afraid “customers won’t want text updates”. (They opt in for them from their phone and give permission. They can opt out any time simply by texting the word “stop”)
2. “What if they all opt out?” (With the correct campaign strategy and implementation less than 5% opt out as an industry average)
3. “I already have email lists, why should I start over” (Email open rate is 20% text is 98%… Do the math) If you have an email list of 2000, but only 20% open rate, you really have an email list of 400 which you can build a text club of in one month, in come cases, one week!)
4. “I invest in social media.”(It is impossible to reach all of your fans at once in minutes like text. Organic social reach is time consuming and reaches 10-20%)
5. “It’s probably too expensive.”(Expensive is paying for and investing time in tools that don’t work and don’t directly result in trackable sales!) Is the cost of one cup of coffee a day too expensive to have a direct line of communication w
ith your hungriest fans no matter what social ap they use? Check out more info on my page here:) Sentext Solutions Northeast. Let’s meet and talk about your 2016 mobile marketing strategy!

About Shannon Panaro Textpert!

Yep… Textpert, That’s me!

I work with businesses all over the country to help them get their customers to come back more often and spend more when they do.

I have sold and used all kinds of marketing and advertising. I am passionate about how powerful texting is in today’s world where owners and customers alike are looking for immediate gratification.

I will be forming a resource for all articles I can find that are published in 2015 about SMS Text Marketing in an effort on my small part to get people used to the idea!

I will also be writing about and sharing ideas on the best ways to make SMS Text Marketing work. I do sell SMS plans however, I am writing this blog for educational purposes and will try to be objective as possible! I can be reached at spanaro@sentextsolutions.com.

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